Techno-metal 2020, LLC

Manufacture of car lifts, special equipment
and manufacturing of industrial metal structures.

Production of special equipment in Ukraine

When performing many construction, installation, loading and unloading works, transportation of oversized, bulk, liquid and gaseous cargoes, one cannot do without the use of special equipment.

Our company Techno-metal 2020, LLC, is rightfully a unique national enterprise that manufactures and supplies automobile hydraulic lifts, manipulators, equipment for cargo handling, as well as steel metal structures and equipment for industrial and construction purposes, both within Ukraine and abroad.

The machines we offer for sale are reliable equipment that has passed the test of time and meets the requirements of the most sophisticated Customer. So, the kinematics of automobile hydraulic lifts of the articulated and combined type of our production are designed to achieve the maximum access zone of the cradle in the vertical front working plane, with limited movement of the vehicle. Also, all our lifts are equipped with a horizontal positioning system of the cradle, and individual lifts, at the request of the customer, are equipped with systems for turning the cradle around a vertical axis.

Our company offers the supply of a complete car lift with a chassis, as well as the manufacture and installation of the lift on the chassis supplied by the customer.

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